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I make people look better by enhancing their smiles. We realize that the impact of a dramatically improved smile can literally change people's lives. Not with wires and braces, but with esthetic, invisible, natural, and conservative restorations. I call it instant orthodontics. We can fill gaps, straighten, lengthen, and whiten teeth all at the same time and it only takes a few days. I desire for my patients without teeth to seriously consider dental implants. The health benefits are profound and they bring immense comfort to my denture patients. We are committed to the use of dental procedures that minimize appointments and conserve tooth structure.



Today more than ever we have evidence of how gum infections can profoundly effect ones health and teeth and we are committed to totally eliminating all diseased areas of our patient's mouth. You will notice that our total concept emphasizes our patient's comfort; by continued education for both my skills and that of my team. We continue to strive to bring you, our patient the very best that dental science has to offer.


- Dr. David Rhoden

Dallas, TX 75218

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Dr. David Rhoden

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